Celtic Properties

Property Management Services

Celtic Property Management, LLC has an innovative business model which integrates a fresh community style of management while still following the disciplines of the affordable multifamily industry on both national and local levels. This unique approach combined with our commitment to hiring the very best multifamily professionals has resulted in properties staffed by managers that are trained to think like an owner and value resident satisfaction. 

Celtic brings the professionalism and experience expected of a successful, award-winning national company, but we also work hard to retain a corporate culture that ensures our employees feel like family and our residents feel like they are part of a community.  Our property managers host frequent social events and activities, and it is not uncommon for residents to call our area managers on their cell phones to make sure that they will be attending!  In short, at Celtic we seek to truly redefine what community means for apartment living for residents while maximizing cash flow for property owners.  

We welcome you to visit our office in Scottsdale, and would be happy to provide a tour of our properties in order to show you the communities we manage as well as personally introduce you to some of our references.  We know property management is a tough job, so let us take care of it! 

Experience Managing a Variety of Product Types:

  • Conventional/Traditional
  • Lease-Up
  • Affordable Housing
  • Senior Living
  • Commercial
  • Relocation Services

For more information on how to get started please contact us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Redefining Green


Celtic Property Management believes that energy management and sustainable practices enhance the financial value of the communities we manage and help to preserve the environment for future generations. The Company is fundamentally committed to minimizing environmental impacts through continuous improvement of our energy performance and through sustainable operating practices.

Celtic Property Management's properties are at the fore-front of energy-efficient affordable communities. Celtic's apartment homes include: advanced water conserving appliances and features, Energy-star rated appliances, energy-efficient lighting, a cool roof, xeriscaping, and a solar photovoltaic system to offset a percentage of the common area electrical usage. When possible, local and recycled products will be used in the construction process. In essence, Celtic Property Management is committed to energy-efficiency and green living!


Celtic Property Management, we strive to make a big impact. Sometimes making a small impact over thousands of homes creates the biggest returns. We are challenging ourselves and our multifamily owner clients to help improve the energy efficiency of our buildings in dramatic ways. In doing so, Celtic Property Management will decrease the production of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. Join us in this challenge and help us make a difference for the environment.

Besides energy and water efficiency, sustainability practices include reducing waste, recycling and using recycled products, supporting carpooling and alternative transportation, and improving indoor environmental quality. At Celtic Property Management, we work to lessen the environmental impacts at our communities and improve our sustainable practices in all of our operations.